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Frequently asked questions



Why choose us

We are a reliable partner with many years of experience and a top team working together on the success of your cruise. As a company with many years of experience, we adhere to the postulates of knowledge, security, dedication, discretion and experience.

How do I get to Croatia

Flying into Croatia is the most popular way to arrive in the country, however there are also great bus and self-drive options.

How do I book a cruise

You can simply email us your name and details at

What shall I bring with me

We suggest taking light clothes, shorts, T – shirts, bathing suits, sandals and similar, and a few long arm shirts, long pants or wind jacket for possible colder weather and breezy nights. Do not forget the hat, sunglasses and sun cream. In case you forget something, it is possible to buy summer clothes and equipment in most of the harbours

On board

What meals are served onboard

Each morning the onboard cook will prepare a buffet breakfast, complete with hot and cold dishes. A traditional three course lunch is also served daily, prepared by the onboard cook. On the other evenings, we encourage you to explore the local towns and experience Dalmatian cuisine. Your onboard crew will be able to offer suggestions on the best places to eat at each destination!

I am a vegetarian or have a special dietary request, do you cater for me

Our onboard cook is able to cater for vegetarians and travellers with special dietary requests. If you are allergic to certain foods, please specify in advance what this includes. We will note this so the cook can be prepared.

What about the electricity on board

Electrical current on board is standard European 220 volts. In your cabins, you will find plugs with two round pins, 4.8 mm in diameter

Is there a Wi Fi on board

Wes, you have free Wi-Fi

What are the ships rules

The Captain has the right to change the itinerary in case of bad weather or similar inappropriate conditions in ports, high or low water levels, dock and lock schedules or if he needs to follow Port Authorities’ decisions to ensure safety on board.
The Captain has the right to remove unruly passengers, quarantine the ship in case of disease and similar.
On the first day of the cruise, passports have to be handed over to the Captain for registration.
All passengers on board and obliged to abide by the Captain’s orders.
He is responsible for the safety of all passengers and the crew.
Ship rules are designed deliberately to protect all the passengers on board and we would very much appreciate if all passengers show consideration for other persons on board.
Jumping from the ship during navigation is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.
During rough weather, all movement should be performed with care and as little as possible.
Passengers should take extra care when crossing between the ships which are docked together in ports.
The ship is equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarm as well as the emergency alarm and speaker system.
Smoking in the restaurant and cabins is not allowed. In case of smoking, the fire alarm will be activated. Smoking is allowed on outside areas.
Please take special attention not to throw anything into toilets except the toilet paper.
Passengers are not permitted to bring drinks and food on board.
Exceptions include personal care products, liquid medicine, food for infants and food products for special diets (diabetes…).
Guests are obliged to respect meal times on board as well as the times of departure for the next ports.
Any damage by the passenger must be compensated to the Captain.
It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish into the sea.
It is not allowed to embark or disembark the ship until it is berthed.
Book of complaints is at the bar.
Cruise Manager, Captain, and the crew will be available for any questions or queries and will do their best to make your stay on board the most pleasurable one.


What is the currency in Croatia

Croatia uses its own currency called KUNA. Payments in local currency are required for most purchases on shore. However, as we are tourist destination some places accept EURO as well.

How i can pay my cruise

The method of payment is through our payment plan.

30% upon booking confirmation.
40% 90 days before boarding
30% 30 days before boarding.

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